Sunday, January 9, 2011

a week of freedom

new year's eve was good. i and i spent it at the vip area at attica, singapore which is always promises a good time and i also had my new year's kiss. winter break in totality was such a nice getaway from frigid london. glad i got to go home and meet some special people. now i'm back in london and done with my management exam. i got around to get my hair dyed finally (thanks j!) and although i was going for something lighter, i now have almost black hair. i actually really like it now; it looks much classier and well-put. 

friday night m invited me to drinks and dinner at notting hill with her classmates and we had a wonderful time; absolutely loved the bar we went to - so very classy. i'm also in love with my new canon lens so i had to share some pictures i took at the bar.

i'm a free bird for coming week so i'll be working on internship applications, photography and hopefully some fashion blogging (finally!). my flatmate s asked me if i'd like to do a fashion photo shoot for her fashion designer friend sometime soon and i'm absolutely looking forward to that. it'll be the first photo shoot i'll be doing in london, and he wants to go in a dark direction, which will also be my first! really very excited for this opportunity.