Friday, December 31, 2010

here's to a new year

it's been such an eventful year with so many big changes in my life, and there's too much to say.

- 'marrying' ben hemenway on the 14th of February 2010
- a lovely visit from my old friend b, someone whose support i will always miss, and the fun times i had when she was here with i, another amazing friend whom i love so much
- a sketchy 7 day trip to california with your two best friends makes memories that will last you a lifetime; i love you n & b
- designing and sewing a dress
- making the first life-changing decision of my life: to transfer from UVA to Cass Business School in London
- realising fairy tales are aptly named for a particular reason... they do not exist. excuse my cheesiness, but there's an extraordinary but personal and long story to explain this one
- falling in love with London, meeting the most amazing people and making a diverse group of friends
- going for an interpol concert and meeting the entire band (and paul banks again) after the show
- m visiting me in singapore and talking for 6 hours straight, i have missed you girl
- preparing for the new year with a canon ef 50mm f/1.8 lens that i am in love with
- making a promise to myself to do more art and enterprise in the new year, and focusing on things that make me happy

here's to the end of an amazing and eventful 2010: happy new year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

if anyone's wondering

"I’m still trying to work out what the magic thing to say is in a song to get the ladies to put me on speed dial." 
- Paul Banks

this is a little (and public) place where i intend to:
• post my photography and other inspiring pictures
• describe my day
reveal the things i've been up to
talk about fashion and post styled outfits and photo shoots
• share some mmmusic i like
• post things i find humorous or addictive
• predict the future, yours and mine

this little place serves as a reminder that i need to graphic design at some point and do more 'artsy stuff' as my friend notes. there won't be any comprises with regards to posting numerous, large photos.

20 hours: a bear in singapore

so maani bear decided to be an angel and stop over in singapore for about a day and see after 7 months! we spent the day talking for about 5 hours straight and then went to visit the city area of singapore.
love and miss you so much already maanibear, thank you so much for visiting your pixie! 
other pictures include the martini bar at the grand hyatt in singapore (where i attempted to be risque and ordered this cocktail which killed me) and an aerial view of greenland... i'm gloating over the sun as i stare at this picture (dreadful london in 6 days), but i wonder how it is like to live in a country so sparsely populated. you'd have to walk 2 miles to borrow a cup of sugar.

edit: my friend ben says - "my house is farther away from our neighbors than those people in that picture baha". i suppose USA can be pretty rural at times. oops ;)