Sunday, December 26, 2010

20 hours: a bear in singapore

so maani bear decided to be an angel and stop over in singapore for about a day and see after 7 months! we spent the day talking for about 5 hours straight and then went to visit the city area of singapore.
love and miss you so much already maanibear, thank you so much for visiting your pixie! 
other pictures include the martini bar at the grand hyatt in singapore (where i attempted to be risque and ordered this cocktail which killed me) and an aerial view of greenland... i'm gloating over the sun as i stare at this picture (dreadful london in 6 days), but i wonder how it is like to live in a country so sparsely populated. you'd have to walk 2 miles to borrow a cup of sugar.

edit: my friend ben says - "my house is farther away from our neighbors than those people in that picture baha". i suppose USA can be pretty rural at times. oops ;)

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  1. Maani Bear loves Pixie more than Pixie knows!!! <3