Sunday, April 10, 2011

getting closer (to yourself)

from left: Steve, Wayne, Ben, Eshita, David and Paul
roof top of our office, it turns out we creative lot are quite big posers

i haven't posted in a while so i'll be summarising quite a bit with some important happenings/highlights:

˟ ended up getting the highest for my exam in january in my class - parents were thrilled!
˟ threw a successful party for 130 people with a budget and made a large profit, a big donation to red cross for japan too - so pleased!
˟ met the members of my favourite band Interpol again, and the man of my dreams Paul Banks said he recognised me. hopefully by the fourth time, i should have him where i want him... ;)
˟ lost the elections for a position i had my eye on for a year - was pretty upset about this.
˟ successfully got an internship with an advertising agency (which by the way, is the coolest company ever), definitely a good thing for a first year
˟ India won the world cup after 28 dark years! a big victory for all Indians, jai hind! :')
˟ met a top guy from a huge global advertising agency and made an impression. so hopefully an internship over summer should work out? i have my fingers crossed!

a lot's been happening, really. i had 2 weeks in march wherein i think i was on some kind of rollercoaster - so many events transpiring, so much happening all at once, so many ups and downs, and so much i've learnt about myself and other people. but the end result has been a happy one. i'm currently interning at an advertising agency and it's been the most amazing experience i've had in this city so far. i've always had an idea of the advertising industry in my head, but to be part of all the fun and work has been enchanting. so enchanting that sometimes i 'joke' about wanting to leave university... funny that some time ago i was doubting myself and my ambitions because some people had questioned me as to why i had planned everything for myself so early. but today i'm sure because i can see myself working towards my goals in life and it makes me self-content - a feeling i'm always chasing.

summer in london is here! i think spring missed its memo. leopard print sunglasses, cornettos, bright colours, summer frocks and afternoon drinking is here and no, i don't mean tea. all i need is my extremely long hair back :'( and maybe someone who would like to accompany me on fashion photo shoots around londontown in this beautiful weather.

picture post in a bit because i have sooo many pictures from the months i haven't posted anything.

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